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“The mission of INADR is to build, through education, world-wide recognition of the power of dispute resolution processes to peacefully resolve conflicts and promote conciliation and healing."


The Mind of a Peacemaker: The Psychology of Mediation

Exploring the intersection of psychological research and theory with the practice of mediation, this text serves as an entry point. Students, mediators, and people wanting to learn to be peacemakers will find this working textbook helpful. It was published through Kendall Hunt January, 2019 and is available through their website and is available through Amazon.


Brenau University

Competition without Conflict is an article describing some of the work we have done together.

Blessed Be The Peacemakers is a blog written by Drs. Ken and Mary Lou Frank during their training program in Athens, Greece in 2016.


On-line Dispute Resolution for Refugees

ODReurope is one of the leading ODR entities in Europe, an open source of information for the development and dissemination of technological applications for resolving disputes and an effort to promote online settlement to professional mediators, companies and individuals.